At Eurovision we work with developers, builders and everyday people in the North Island on all sorts of Building Removal projects.  We work with clients who want quality, someone they can trust and a good price.  Have a look at some of our Onsite and Offsite projects below....

When Andy came to us to find a second dwelling for his section, he needed something a certain size because of his driveway. He found something in our depot straight away that he immediately wanted but was unsure of how it was possible to get to its destination. He needed our expertise in Building Removals to manoeuvre down his driveway. It took a few hours to get through this tight space but we knew we could do it.


When Megan came to us to move a house from Auckland to Rodney, she was unsure of how the house would be able to be moved off its original site. After a site meeting we told her how it would need to be done, she trusted us as we knew exactly how it needed to be done as soon as we arrived. 


Photos from another happy customer. This was a nice little shift from Auckland to Raglan. From start to finish all within a week. Enjoy your new home Heather! 


Let's talk!  

You've seen our removal work and what we can do.  If you'd like to speck to us regarding your project, we'd love to hear from you.  Give us a call on 09 420 8968.